HOW TO : Fix Wordpress Site Url

To change siteurl of wordpress site you have to goto Settings- General - Siteurl . If you mistakenly change site url from to then the site willnot load.
Not only will it not load you will also loose accesss to your admin dashboard.Let's look how we can solve this problem.

1. Hardset Method

With this method you won't be able to change the siteurl within your admin dashboard.
Goto your hosting provider dashboard , find the file manager, look for a file named "wp-config.php"
then edit this file.Add this line to the file.

define( 'WP_HOME', '' ); 

define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );
where inplace of will be the name of your file

 2. PHP Method

Go to your database manager and login. Find "wp_options" then click on browse.Edit siteurl and home "option_name" to desired value.

3. Relocate Method

As in first method go to  "wp-config.php" . Type
define( 'RELOCATE', true );
just before /*That's all, stop editing!
Go to login as usual and change the siteurl and wordpress url in General-settings. Afterwards remove the relocate command .

There you have it. You have access to your wordpress dashboard


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